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News and Views

Conn. Gov.: Low-Interest Loans Available for Elevating Homes, Flood-Proofing Businesses

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy recently announced the creation of the Connecticut Shoreline Resiliency Fund, a low-interest loan program for state residents who are subject to coastal flooding and would like to elevate their homes and flood-proof their businesses.Read More...

5 Defensive Driving Tips to Reduce Accidents & Save Lives, Time and Money

  • 1. Reduce Speed & Observe the Posted Speed Limit at All Times
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that "Exceeding the posted speed limit or driving at an unsafe speed is the most common error in fatal accidents."
  • 2. Wear Your Seatbelt at All Times
  • 3. Reduce Distractions and Stay Focused While Driving
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that "An estimated minimum of 28 percent of all traffic crashes (or 1.6 million accidents per year) are caused by drivers using cell phones and texting."
  • 4. Do Not Drive Drowsy
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division provides information and safety tips for reducing drowsy and fatigued driving.
  • 5. Drive Cautiously and Be Aware of Pedestrians, Especially in Residential Areas
    • a. The National Safety Council® Defensive Driving Division reminds drivers that "approximately 5,900 pedestrians are killed by automobiles every year; 85,000 pedestrians suffer nonfatal injuries and over 25% of pedestrians struck are under the age of 15 years old."


Cost of Flood Insurance Rises, Along With Worries

MIAMI - Sharp increases in federal flood insurance rates are distressing coastal homeowners from Hawaii to New England and are starting to hurt property values and housing sales in areas just beginning to recover from the recession, according to residents and legislators.Read More...

Hot Topic Solving Ice Dams

The appearance of icicles is your official warning of a potential ice dam. Ice dams form when melting ice and snow refreeze around the eaves of your roof and back up under the shingles. The result: leaks and water damage to interior walls and ceilings. Once an ice dam forms, the damage is done, so the focus should be on prevention. Read More...

Water Detection Devices

Consider installing water detection devices in your home. These systems can detect even small amounts of water. They can be wired into a centrally monitored alarm system that will send a signal to notify you in the event of a leak. These systems may also entitle you to receive a discount on yourffmv homeowners policy. Read More...