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The Promise of Good Service

The Client:

Action Air Systems, Inc.
Manchester, CT

The Dilemma:

Incumbent property casualty insurance provider of 10 years was getting too comfortable with servicing Action Air System’s account.

The Solution:

In 2014, the phone on Patty Gavitt’s desk at Action Air Systems in Manchester, CT rang like so many times before. On the other end was an agent from H.D. Segur. Patty gave the agent a few minutes of her time, which was all that was needed to secure the all-important opportunity to meet, greet and talk about Action Air’s upcoming property casualty insurance renewal.

H.D. Segur understands the time and monetary investment involved in quoting a company’s property and casualty insurances. The chance to meet and compete is all that’s needed to find out if H.D. Segur is the right fit for your business. If it’s determined that your incumbent insurance provider offers value that can’t be matched, H.D. Segur won’t waste your time with unnecessary meetings and quoting. It’s that simple.

After a successful proposal, H.D Segur won the business of protecting Action Air Systems’ company and employees. This decision was based not only on the price, but also on the “Promise of Good Service” that Segur embodies.

Fast forward to 2016. Action Air Systems just completed their second renewal and has exceptional things to say about H.D. Segur.

“We are extremely pleased with our move to H.D. Segur. The Segur team is very responsive and efficient in the servicing of our company, and they also reduced our insurance premiums by more than $65,000 this renewal. If you are serious about quoting your insurances, than I would highly recommend H.D. Segur.”

H.D. Segur was given the opportunity to compete for Action Air Systems’ property and casualty insurances with their incumbent of 10 years, which resulted in the beginning of a long-lasting relationship. H.D. Segur provided value beyond all expectations by delivering on the “Promise of Good Service”.